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The scale of fun

Climbing mountains definitely falls into Type 2 fun for me.
The scale of fun
The ridge of Meall Glas 

I love describing the different types of fun activities, and it's safe to say that for me climbing mountains definitely falls into the category of "Type 2" fun. I've heard people describe it before, but it wasn't until we really started our Munro bagging journey that I really began to appreciate the different classifications of fun.

So... what are the different categories?

Type 1

Fun fun. The type of fun that makes your heart happy at the moment, and you just know you are having fun. Plain and simple.

I'm talking about eating your favourite food, hanging out with your friends, and laughing until your cheeks hurt, fun.

Your mileage may vary, but you know the kind of fun I mean.

Type 2

At the time, you are miserable. You feel sweaty, painful, and overall uncomfortable. You wonder how you got into this situation, and say you'll never do this again. Until the next day, when you're looking back and all you can think about are the views or giggle when you remember the moment your partner slipped in a bog. The kind of activity that is fun when you look back on it.

Why Munro bagging falls into this category for me: my muscles scream at me all day, I'm reminded of how unfit I am, getting stuck in bogs, and my feet are in so much pain trying to stumble back to the van. Finishing up the day feeling nothing but pain... and yet, within 24 hours we're plotting our next adventure.

This is the addictive kind of fun, and I'm all for it.

Type 3

You are not having fun at all. Hindsight cannot help this kind of fun, and you tell your friends and family to never let you do that again. On our most recent hike, we categorised the return journey as Type 3 (going as far as creating a Type 4 to describe it as almost certain death, not that we're dramatic or anything).

This is the type of fun you want to avoid, though time does have a tendency to creep some Type 3 fun activities or events into Type 2 and that's okay.


All of this is subjective, what's fun for me may not be fun for you, and that's okay.

Find what makes your soul sing, and go have fun (preferably Type 1 or 2)!