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Temperature Journal: The Climate Around Me

How I tracked the temperature and climate around me in my journal during 2021.
Temperature Journal: The Climate Around Me
A Year in Temperature 2021

I've been bullet journalling for years (see my previous blog post on this here), and at the beginning of 2021, I bought myself a brand new journal to start fresh as so much had changed for me. Each time I start a new journal I always add a few sections at the front that capture the whole year, from weight-loss tracking to books I've read that year so I can look back on them at the end of the year.

In 2021, I felt inspired to track the temperature and weather around me. I first spotted an article about Josie George who knitted a scarf to illustrate the same thing. I can just about knit a regular scarf, but definitely not well enough to change out the thread for every other row of stitches. What I can do though is a journal!

The winding snake-like part of the page is for the temperature, with each month earmarked to keep me right (and make it easier to catch up when I had missed a few weeks of tracking, life happens).  The table in the top right was a bit of an afterthought because I didn't know how much room I had on the page when I started, but I'm glad I also kept track of this too.

It's interesting to see the colours change over the year, with the coldest temperatures in January going down as low as -10 degrees celsius, to the highs of around 27 degrees celsius in July. I do live in Scotland though, where the temperature overall doesn't change that much.

It was also fun to finally getaway to Portugal for a few days in the middle of October which explains the spike in temperature then! ☀️

Keeping this one short as I just wanted to share how this turned out before it gets too far into 2022; because as nice as this was, it was a lot of pressure to remember to keep updating the temperatures and weather when I forgot for a while so I won't be doing it again.

Let me know if you decide to try it yourself!